Executive project development casestudy
In today’s business environment, business executives have to develop new diverse skills and abilities to be able to wade through the competitive and volatile business environment. Therefore Executive Development Programs are important for the individual executives seeking to broaden their portfolios in their management roles within their various organizations. The Executive Development Program is thus very important for individuals seeking to broaden their management skills range away from the contemporary and traditional business acumen developed in years of training in business schools compounded on the real life experiences and lessons drawn from day to day decisions within the operation of the business. However, to better oneself, one needs to know oneself in the first place.
This includes appreciating the strengths that make up personality and also by acknowledging the weaknesses within the individual. This portfolio by its end, will seek to analyze my strengths and weaknesses from both a personal perspective and the second perspective of individuals around my life including peers, friends, employers and colleagues. This encompasses self reflection, self verification and self assessment to evaluate my achievements thus far, strengths, weaknesses and finally by evaluating my future prospects within the management field.
Therefore, self-assessment is very important for me as I seek to be more than just a marketing manager. I want to be in charge of an organization and not just in charge of a small part of its functions such as management. To fulfil this ambition, I have to go through the Executive Development Program to enrich the skills and knowledge I have acquired in my position as the Marketing Manager in my organization. This is important to me as I acknowledge the fact that one is likely to achieve success in life if he/she useshis/her talents optimally. Similarly, one is likely to undergo fewer problems they know their weaknesses, and how to handle these weaknesses.
2.0 Self-Analysis
Self analysis refers to the evaluation of one’s thoughts, thought processes and behaviours with the aim of understanding and eventually appreciating one true self. It is the pursuit to find, know and appreciate the self-concept. Self concept consists of the impressions individuals formulate about their inner selves and their evaluations of their personal and professionaladequacy. Therefore, self analysis is important to any professional seeking to better themselves career wise, since it provides the essential tools for self reflection and analysis. Therefore, self-analysis will enable me to know of the opportunities present around me that I may have to take advantage of to realize my best potential career wise and as an individual. Lastly, the analysis will put me in a position to know the threats that impede the prospects for my career development and growth, which provides enough information to tackle these shortcomings and realize my full potential.
For the past five years, I have worked for my organization at themarketing manager management level. As a marketing manager, my job entailshelping my organization expand into new markets, increasing our market share and a general objective of increasing sales and profitability my organization. As a marketing manager, my job entails researching the current trends, identifying business opportunities, estimating the market demand and market share and developing and initiating marketing campaigns.
This is with the objective of identifying my organization’s competitive edge and acting to safeguard it. It refers to the process in which individuals rate themselves according to various scales ranging from good to bad, strong to weak, desirable to undesirable and so on. It seeks to highlight how we see ourselves and often highlights these aspects of our inner being, so that one can have adequate information about themselves in decision making concerning their future.
SWOT Analysis (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats) is a very useful technique that identifies the strengths and weaknesses, and analyses the subsequent opportunities and threats. This is because with a little thought, SWOT analysis can help todiscover opportunities that exist in one’s immediate environment that would otherwise go unnoticed. Additionally, by understanding individual weaknesses, one eliminate or rather manage and the threats that exist or might exist, which would otherwise hurt one’s prospects to succeed.SWOT analysis gives the user the framework to evaluate their immediate environment critically and logically, which gives the user the incentive to separate themselves from their peers and colleagues, further enabling them to develop theuniqueabilities and talents needed to advance one’s career.
2.1 Strengths
I have worked as the Marketing manager for my organization for five years. This therefore has to be one of my strengths. This is because in my duties in my position, I have accumulated a lot of experience from the day to day execution of my role. Based upon the performance reviews handed to me by top management, I have led my department successfully to numerous advertisement campaigns that have drastically increased our sales and thus profitability steadily throughout my time in this responsibility. Additionally, my colleagues and peers have high regard for my job execution and often refer to be as a “great manager” since my department has been quite successful in my time there.
Another of my strengths from my personal viewpoint is that I have developed a very functional Network of information relay in my department. This makes access to relevant information easier further aiding the decision making process. This network comprises of colleagues and peers giving advice and job related information that helps staff within my department function in a relatively fast and efficient manner. This reduces the time lag between the conceptualization of a brilliant marketing idea to the actualization of the idea. This increases the labour productivity/output in my department at the same time increases my staff’s morale to contribute towards our success as a department. I would say this networking framework has exponentially increased the productivity of my department.
Also in my arsenal are my professional qualifications. In my undergraduate studies, I studied a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. This stemmed from my innate believe that I could make a difference in the business world and the epitome of it all, I would be in charge of a whole business organization. This Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration has aided my relatively rapid climb up the corporate ladder since five years ago I was far from any management role in any organization. My professional qualifications and zeal for this role got me here, and thus, in my book, are one of my strengths. This has allowed me to develop and adopt sound management principles in my five-year work experience. My role in the organization has not been easy and in retrospect, my ambition to run a whole organization and my professional qualification got me from volunteer work in small business management engagements to my current position as a Marketing Manager for a large business organization. During this time, I attained the practice of working under tight deadlines and meeting work-related expectations under stringent instructions.
I consider my current employment level as monument to my zeal and vigour to be a better person both professionally and personally. Therefore I fully acknowledge my family as core to my current and future success. Without the support of my family, I would not be the person I am today both professionally and personally. The same goes for the many friends I have made throughout my academic and professional journey to my current position. This has created a support structure for me to rely upon in times of difficulty and a great crowd to rejoice with in times of good fortune. Additionally, the faith bestowed upon me by top management in the various advertisement campaigns my department has undertaken has also been monumental to my current professional life.
In my five years as the Marketing Manager for my organization, I have had several performance reviews as is the company policy. These reviews are designed to give the employee performance feedback from the perspective of the employer. In my five years, my review has been steadily good since my department has on most occasions, exceeded the various performance targets set for us by the top management. These include increasing our market share by a steady rate of 10% annually, increasing our brand awareness and increasing the sales and profitability of our corporation at a steady rate. In my personal reviews, from the perspective of my employer (top management), I have a very acute skill in inspiring my staff towards our target and creating a functional framework to achieve the departmental goals and objectives in an efficient and effective manner. This is achieved by ensuring that every member in my team understands their role and is sure enough in their skill and abilities to accomplish the responsibilities and duties assigned to them. Additionally, the chance to evaluate the personal progress made by every team member against the set objectives for our team makes archiving the overall target for our department easier. This is because every team member has the chance to know what they are doing wrong or right before integrating their sum of their labour with the collective teams.
I consider that I have great communication skills in regards to processing and relaying information to either the clients or to my team members. This has to be one of my strengths cultivated in my as the Marketing Manager for the last five years. In this responsibility, I am charged with relaying information as it flows vertically from top management to the various departments among which I head. These include new information in regards to strategic and long-term decisions undertaken by the top management and have to be implemented within the organization by the staff members. Thus in my position as the Marketing Manager, I have to ensure that the information is well understood so as to ease the process of implementation by the staff. Additionally, within the scope of my responsibilities is ensuring that our clientele understand the creative angles worked by my team in the various advertisement campaigns we design. This usually involves ensuring that the client understands the desired impact of the advertising campaigns regardless of the subtleness or perceived ambiguity of the campaigns.
All these factors are put into consideration from a personal perspective, and from the point of view of the people me. These include my close friends, peers, family and reviews from top management. This is with the appreciation of relativity of facts about me with those of my peers. For instance, I cannot list my public relation skills as strengths since most of my colleagues in my department possess the same skill as I do, and thus it’s not really strength relative to my current situation.
2.2 Weaknesses
In my capacity as the Marketing Manager, I feel that my pursuit for perfection in most instances generates unnecessary friction within my team. This usually involves actual or perceived slacking off by my team members which I do not condone as the team leader. Additionally, my handling of these situation also needs refining as I feel that in most instances, I do not handle these situations to the best of my abilities which usually leaves an aura of suppressed emotions and feelings which in turn dents the productivity and output of my team. This is an aspect of myself that I would like to work on in my time at the Executive Development Program. In some cases, I avoid situations that create conflict which in turn leaves the department exposed to numerous risks including errors, misrepresentations, lateness etc. These errors can cause major problems for our organization ranging from litigation costs to the loss of our clientele.This creates a fear and conflict within me as I evaluate how to handle a situation that requires me to decide whether or not to confront an errant team.
From my performance appraisals from top management, I have also realized that my compulsive need for perfection creates unnecessary reduction in the productivity and efficiency of my department. This is because in the time we use perfecting our assignments, we could use in doing more. This trade-off between quality and quantity produced creates a conflict for me as I always choose to make the client happy by giving them a final product which is as close to their demands as possible. This in some instances leads to “wastage” of time in the production of one unit of goods which in perfect conditions, would have two goods produced in the same duration. Upon further analysis of this situation, I realized that I placed too much responsibility on the creative team members that others, depending on the scope of the assignment at hand. For instance, team members with vast experience in producing advertisement campaigns geared towards the retail consumer got more responsibilities than those with experience in gathering market statistics. This “inequity” in role assignment creates inefficiency in the total production by my team.
Another weakness highlighted by my experience as the Marketing Manager for my organization is my inadequate skills in Business Information Technology. With the growing need to adopt internet technologies to the contemporary business processes of the modern age, the need for skills in information technology is now more important. Additionally, globalization of the business processes creates the need to embrace information technology to ease the functionality of the business. In my current job, social media and other internet based advertising avenues take up most of the advertising space in these times. Therefore, adequate mastery of these and related technologies makes the future of business an inevitable alien world for me, given my inadequate expertise in this field.
2.3 Opportunities
In my profession, several management opportunities exist. With the growing trend towards globalization of the business process, the field of management is thus becoming diverse and versatile, with the prospect of accommodating only the professional, ambitious and self-driven management personnel. Due to the increasing global competition attributed to the globalization of business process, successful businesses need to evolve into the competition and find a sustainable way of doing business. The continuity of the corporation long after its owners means that managerial presence is crucial to the very success these corporations enjoy. The absence of an authority figure in a business can translate (directly or indirectly) into inefficiency in production, substandard products, loss of consumer confidence and in some cases possible litigation expenses. Therefore, through the Executive Development Program, I seek to better myself both personally and professionally in the wake of the changing times for my professionin regards to the globalization of the businesses process. The acquisition of new skills in relation to the business process such as learning new languages, acquiring international public relation skills, studying new cultures and learning different management techniques formulated in different set ups.
Additionally, my future plans include acquiring additional skills in Business Information Technology to supplement my current skills. This will enable me to diversify my portfolio from the strictly management roles to broader more diverse roles within the business structure with the epitome of which I will fulfil my ambition of running my own organization. This is because with the growing shift towards the information technology age, the mastery of this field will be essential to the management and functionality of the future business organization. Thus, aligning my skills portfolio with the future of the business process is core to my career development, present and future job satisfaction and the chance for self-actualization; as stated in Marslow’s hierarchy of needs. Additionally, acquisition of international relation skills and acumen will be important for my career objective fulfilment. This is because of the growing need for competitive business organizations to diversify their operations beyond their sovereign bounders into international territories, to increase their profitability, market share and global reach.
2.4 Threats
There are two main types of threats to my future management career. These include internal and external threats. Internal threats are those which manifest within me and the external threats are those which are posed by my environment. For instance, within my own capacity my pursuit for perfection from past experiences has in some instances created friction within my team which often boils over to the overall productivity of the team. These situations usually manifest in actual or perceived slacking off by my team members which is generally unacceptable for me as the team leader. My pursuit for perfection poses a threat to my future career development and growth since in doing so, the productivity of the team in general is reduced, which reflects badly on the team leader.
Moreover, my handling of these situation also needs refining as I feel that in most instances, I do not handle these human resource conflict situations to the best of my abilities which usually leaves an aura of suppressed emotions and feelings which in turn reduces the efficiency and productivity of my team. This is an aspect about myself that I would like to work on in my time at the Executive Development Program. In some cases, I avoid situations that create conflict which in turn leaves the department exposed to numerous risks including errors, misrepresentations, lateness etc. These errors can cause major problems for our organization ranging from litigation costs to the loss of our clientele. This creates a fear and conflict within me as I evaluate how to handle a situation that requires me to decide whether or not to confront an errant team.
3.0 Self-Assessment
The ability to perceive the immediate environment around an individual in a subjective and realistic manner is one of the descriptive traits of the human being. This judgement about one’s capabilities and competencies in regards to certain situations is referred to as self awareness. Each and every individual has a unique and different capacity for handling day to day difficulties. That is why every individual experiences changes in their environment in a unique manner and react differently in response to these changes in their immediate environment.The modern business environment is quite demanding requiring participants in this field to quickly adapt to the perpetually evolving business conditions while remaining competitive and profitable both in the short term and in the long term. Therefore, it is a worthy question to self examine and evaluate how well suited an individual is in a personal capacity in regards to the ever evolving business environment. My self-assessment will enable me to know the aspects of my life which are essential to my identity. I will carry out a self-assessment with the motive of self-verification, along with self-evaluation and self-enhancement
Self-Assessment allows individuals to take personal charge of their career development and learning prospects, by fully engaging in the process of self reflection and evaluation and taking the necessary steps and actions to remedy their shortcomings. This process is very inspiring for the individuals who seek to take charge of their career since it stimulates the participants towards their inspirations, allowing them to edge closer to their career objectives and ambitions. This process allows for individuals to make personal reflection on their career progress and review this progress by reminding the individual that the responsibility for career growth befalls the individual and not on the organization they work for.
Self-reflection refers to the personal evaluation what personality traits such as social behaviours, moral values, performance quality and personal relationship. These factors are very important in the discovery of the inner self, which forms a basis for self assessment.To evaluate myself and how well I fit in the Executive Development Program, I will evaluate four key areas in my professional life including: interests and passions, job related skills, values and finally, personality fit. This will be done with the aid of a Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) designed to evaluate my professional progress against my career objectives and ambitions.The Self Assessment Questionnaire is designed to highlight the personal interests, Personality, skills, experiences and values of the individual under assessment.These are the most important components of the inner self that an individual projects to the world. The Self Assessment Questionnaire below is a copy of thequestionnaire I used to arrive at the various conclusions about myself in regards to my personal interests, personality, skills, experiences and values.
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